Established in 2011, LPOC was concerned that while Latinos will represent the largest ethnic group in California by 2014 the full potential that access to the positive social determinants in life continued to elude them. Reviewing data on income and poverty, health status and disparity, educational access, attainment and educational dropout rates, a consistent pattern of inequity crossed all the lines that determine the wellbeing and social standing of Latinos.

Initially, LPOC wanted to focus on the concerns of Latino physicians alone but saw that the future they envisioned had to go beyond professional attainment. While their core purpose will be rooted, governed and influenced by the needs of Latino physicians – to make a difference they had to consider their role in supporting Latino community health. They had to find a way to help Latino physicians, those aspiring to become physicians and communities and support them in their efforts to eliminate health disparity, promote and optimize health and the quality of life for Latinos.

The Latino Physicians of California is a member organization. The base funding of the organization is derived from physician annual dues. Grants and/or donations support LPOC projects. It is our belief we can help Latino physicians to complete the myriad of activities they must accomplish in the health care setting, at home and in their efforts to be supportive to their communities. The health environment is changing rapidly and to the extent that we support Latino physicians we will continue to assure a loyal following and create and maintain a network of support for Latino communities.