Senior Fellowship Opportunity: Request for Applications – Blue Shield of California Foundation

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Blue Shield of California Foundation is seeking two Senior Fellows to bring fresh perspectives and expertise to the Foundation and help us generate new solutions to the complex problems facing California’s communities. We are seeking candidates to help us explore and scope different approaches, find links across our initiatives ,and connect us with innovators, creative thinkers, and leaders to gain new insights and inform our work.

We are seeking two candidates with the knowledge and experience to help us uncover answers to two big challenges:

  1. We seek a Senior Fellow who can help us answer a key question: What is unique or different about movement building strategies from other policy, systems and social change approaches that foundations may already be undertaking? We want to understand how movement building frameworks and approaches can help us achieve our goals to end domestic violence and create community well-being. What can we learn from other successful social movements — such as the drive for marriage equality — to inform our strategies? What are the factors that facilitate and amplify successful social movements?
  1. We seek a Senior Fellow who can help us answer a key question: What is the potential for defining, identifying and using measures that are more reflective of community aspirations? Ending domestic violence and promoting healthy communities will require new strategies around collecting, using, and sharing data to broaden and deepen the impact of our strategies for change. While health and social service organizations collect a significant amount of data, it’s often impossible to share and act on the data in concert with other community leaders and stakeholders. How can we use data to create innovative pathways to social change and develop new strategies to help grantees and communities use data for transformative initiatives to prevent domestic violence and promote health?

For more information, including eligibility criteria and how to apply, please click the button below. If you know a great candidate for our fellowship, please share this email or the application.

Applications are due by 5:00 pm (PDT) on Friday, July 27.


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